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Jan 5, 2023

An American soldier in the trenches of the first world war writes of what he witnessed in the night. 

Gues Narrator Soren Narnia of the Knifepoint Horror Podcast.  

Oct 15, 2022

In Japan, hundreds of years ago, a man seeks shelter from a storm. 

Narrated by Soren Narnia.

Written by Matheus H. Macedo

Jul 13, 2022

A young girl goes missing in a small town.

Feb 6, 2022

A missionary treks with a small party through undiscovered lands.

Guest Narrated by Soren Narnia of the Knifepoint Horror Podcast. 

Oct 13, 2021

A man remembers when he was left alone with his grandmother's body. 

Guest narrated by Soren Narnia of the Knifepointhorror Podcast